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Maryland Commercial and Residential Community Management



311 | Commercial Property Management in MarylandThe MC311 system is designed to serve the residents of Montgomery County, MD with a central location for taking their questions and providing reference for government services.  Whether a resident has lost their mailbox during County snow plow activities, needs to report a pothole on a County road, or has a recycling question, MC311 can process all of these varied requests.  Residents may call and speak with a MC311 representative by dialing 3-1-1 (from a telephone inside the County lines), or by dialing 240-777-0311.  Each question or service request (SR) is assigned a reference number for follow-up and tracking.  Each caller may leave their personal information for follow-up, or may choose to remain anonymous.  In addition to calling into the MC311 system, a resident may submit their question or service request online.

City of Gaithersburg, Maryland

Gaithersburg, Maryland | Commercial Property Management by Community AssnFor our residents who reside inside the incorporated City of Gaithersburg, they offer similar government services to their residents as does MC311.  To contact a representative of the City of Gaithersburg, you may call City Hall at 301-258-6300.  The City of Gaithersburg has their own Police Department, Landlord-Tenant Affairs and Neighborhood Services Team, as well as many other government services.  You may also submit requests for services online.

Office of Consumer Protection

Consumer Protection |Condominium Management in Montgomery County

Montgomery County, Maryland
Office of Consumer Protection
100 Maryland Avenue, Suite 330
Rockville, MD 20850
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The Montgomery County Office of Consumer Protection (OCP) can provide many services to residents, such as merchant complaint history’s, advice on selecting a contractor, problems during a project and your rights as a consumer.  The Office will also investigate complaints.

The OCP recommends that residents never hire an unlicensed home improvement contractor.  In Maryland, it is illegal to act as a home improvement contractor, subcontractor or salesperson without a valid license.  OCP recommends that residents verify the license of any contractor, subcontractor and/or sales person.  To verify a license, call MHIC at 410.230.6309 or check online at Public Search.  The MHIC will also provide a complaint history.

Finally, the OCP notes that Consumer’s Checkbook is a non-profit consumer organization that provides unbiased consumer ratings and information on local service firms.  Residents may check their website for free consumer advice,

Montgomery County Animal Services & Adoption Center

Montgomery County Animal Services | Residential Property Management in Maryland

Montgomery County Animal Services & Adoption Center Department of Police, Animal Services Division
7315 Muncaster Mill Road
Derwood, MD 20855

The Montgomery County Animal Services and Adoption Center (MCASAC), operated by the Department of Police, Animal Services Division, provides high-standard sheltering and care to the homeless, abused, and neglected animals in our community and ensures the safety and welfare of the county’s citizens. We are the the county’s only open-admissions, municipal shelter.
The Center’s doors are open to all animals in need from dogs and cats to farm animals, wildlife, and exotics.  Trained staff provide animals with daily care, mental and physical enrichment, health and wellness checks, and more.  Through adoptions, spay and neuter assistance, vaccination clinics, education and outreach, the Center serves as a critical community resource to promote and advocate for responsible pet care.  With community support and partnerships with other animal-welfare groups, our Foster, Rescue and Volunteer programs enhance and save the lives of even more homeless animals.

Animal Services Officers are on-call seven days a week to investigate citizen complaints and respond to animal emergencies 24 hours a day.  These calls include animal-related matters such as: animal abuse and neglect; law enforcement; calls regarding stray, rabid, or aggressive animals; and sick or injured wildlife.

The Montgomery County Animal Services and Adoption Center is proud to serve as the region’s largest eco-friendly animal services and adoption center.

Montgomery County Recycling

Montgomery County Condominium ManagementThe Department of Environmental Protection Division of Solid Waste Services handles all of the County’s recycling services (outside of the County’s incorporated city’s).  They provide free recycling of metal, plastic and yard trim materials.  You may order FREE recycling bins for your home or office, and even a composting bin for your yard trim materials!  Visit their website to learn how to recycle different materials, order bins or check a holiday pick-up schedule.

Montgomery County Department of Fire & Rescue Service

Community Property Management in MarylandThe Montgomery County Department of Fire & Rescue Service provides many services outside of their Emergency role.  The Department provides safety in our neighborhood education on topics such as smoke alarm and home safety programs, clothes dryer fire safety tips and outdoor grilling safety.  They also provide education, guidelines and safety tips to parents and caregivers, seniors and the disabled, educators and the general public.  The Department has general safety tips for home, the workplace, first aid and individuals with special needs as well as holiday and seasonal safety.  You may visit their website to learn more.

Montgomery County Department of Police

Financial Management Services in MarylandThe Montgomery County Department of Police has divided the County into five Districts that serve each of the different geographic areas of the County.  Each District Station has a Community Resource Officer assigned that can provide information specific to that District, crime prevention information, such as Neighborhood Watch, and the like.  The Department of Police offers other services such as the Police Ride-Along Program, fingerprinting services and the Keeping Seniors Safe Program.  To learn more, please visit their website.