Association Governance

A condominium or homeowners association operates under the Board – manager form of governance, with the community manager being contracted by the Board of Directors to handle the administrative affairs of the association.  The Board is the chief legislative body for an association.  In addition to approving the annual budget and setting the assessment rate, the elected directors also focus on community resources, a commitment to the preservation of property values, fiscal responsibility, land use development and capital improvements, and community communication.

There are formal Board meetings, generally monthly or quarterly, during which the Board of Directors discuss issues pertaining to the association and its members, new local and state legislation which may affect the operations of the association and community members, and any other relevant community matter.  The Board meetings are open for community members and their agents, and a dedicated time is allotted at each meeting for member comments. Occasionally, there are work sessions of the Board or an association Committee where they may discuss other relevant business.  Those sessions may be a time of research, problem-solving and informal discussion.

Agendas and minutes of past meetings are available for review during business hours by appointment, on your community website, or by written request.  If you wish to have an agenda item discussed at your next association’s Board meeting, or make a suggestion to your Board, please communicate your request here.

Becoming a Board member of other community volunteer

If you wish to become more involved in your Association, you may volunteer on a Committee, or be elected/ appointed to the Board of Directors.   No prior experience is required to be a Board member or community volunteer.  As such, the Montgomery County Council on Common Ownership Communities recently developed, and requires, all new Board members to complete a training program which addresses ethics, roles and responsibilities of board members and homeowners, community governing documents, financial management, meeting rules, and general administration. The training is required within 90 days of election, and is available here.

However, anyone interested in learning more about common ownership communities may take the training. To complete, please allot approximately 2 hours for the entire course.